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Dragons aren’t pink!

Yes they are! You know, the ones that breathe glitter and ♥’s!? The only fire over here is the fire for all things creative and pretty! Pink Dragon is my source of inspiration—super gentle, yet super fierce at the same time! She’s a beast at what she does hehe ♥

The Designer

Well, my name is Lauren and I’m a self-taught graphic designer with over 10 years of professional design experience in both the freelance and the corporate world. I consider myself versatile with the ability to adapt to a wide range of design styles and trends. My goal is to get you what you want and leave you with that happy gushy feeling inside!

Oh, and I have a passion for branding and helping clients build their identity awesomeness. It’s really rewarding when I get to see the success of my clients grow, knowing a little bit of my Pink Dragon glitter and ♥’s contributed!

I’ve always been a creative gal, making crafts, paintings and home made projects (just like my mother) since I was a little girl. One day I downloaded Adobe Photoshop and taught myself how to design party flyers and it’s been history ever since!

In case you were interested…

I am a child of Yahweh, a Southern California native currently residing on the East coast. I ♥ colors, patterns and really cool fonts. I’m a Howard University graduate and in a sorority (take a guess at which one). I ♥ my family, my beau and my little dachshund, Meyer. I also have a serious love for natural hair, I even have a blog about my experiences with my own curly crown. Throughout my life, I’ve undergone many challenges and learned many lessons which inspired me to teach bible study to high school kids. I secretly want to save the world….who knows, maybe some day I can ♥ (with the help of my Pink Dragon of course!)

I’ve been blessed with a gift. How may I share it with you?

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